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Utah Baby Shower

I had a WONDERFUL shower here in Utah!  Again, I am amazed by the love people have shown us during this time of preparation for this baby! We got so many gifts!  I am still in the process of trying to figure out places to put them! My FABULOUS sister-in-law Julia hosted the amazing party.  We had it as an open-house style so people could come and go as they please.  We had it at the church right by my house, so we didn't have to worry about having enough room! I think it was perfect!

The food was amazing. Thank you for all of those that helped prepare and helped set up!
I planned to have the shower on a Wednesday night, when my mom, dad, and sister Brittney were in town. I am so glad! They loved seeing their family members. And it just was so much more fun having my mom there.

My mother-in-law Janene came down from Rexburg Idaho as well. What a sweetheart! Her and Bob came down just for the night and just for the shower. I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws!

Here are some pictures for you to see.

Yummy food.  So pretty and SOOO tasty!
Chris, the chef, doing what he does best
Julia and the yummy food and pretty decorations!
Aunt Carolyn, cousin Cyndi, cousin Mary and her little boy, and cousin Ivy (all on my dad's side)

My grandma Ellsworth, aunt Barbara, Lola (Cyndi from above's little girl), and cousin Andria (all dad's side).

The Moss girls.  My aunt Kathy and her girls (mom's side)

Opening presents and looking large.  Brittney was the BEST helper! She took pictures, and wrote down what everyone gave me.
Cousin Allyson, aunt Carolyn, cousin Jaynanne, cousin Erica, and friend Dani.
The hostess Julia, little Greta, and Mother-in-law
My cousin Rachel is pregnant as well! She is due 3 weeks after me!  So here are the pregnant woman and our proud moms!
Opening more presents!

Bob (father-in-law) and Matt (brother-in-law). They decided to make an appearance:)

Mother-in-law Janene, friend Brittney, sister-in-law Stephanie (yep 2 Stephanie Marcums!), and sister-in-law Julia.

Girlfriends!  Some from my old job, and some from Provo (in my glamor days!)
Girls I worked with at Disney World! These are our poses we would have to make as characters.  Shara (far right) was the only one out of us that wasn't a character. She was a lifeguard, so she is doing her pose.. blowing a whistle!

Courtney came! We went to high school together! Her and her family are living here while her husband finishes school.  These girls are so beautiful!
Me and my Mothers!  I am so grateful for these 2!!

Thank you for an amazing event!


Stephanie said...

Looks like a great party! I'm glad it went so well :) Wish we could have made it!

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