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We're Officially Adults

We closed on our house yesterday! Everything went really smoothly with our loan and we had no delays. So we closed a few days early and got to sign a mile-high stack of papers.. and even got to take a copy of all of them home!  We get the keys today and we couldn't be more anxious.  We feel like REAL adults now.  We are parents. We have a house that we will be paying a mortgage on. THIS IS CRAZY!!

We have TONS of work to do on this house before we can move in.  Let me include you on a little taste of our upcoming week:
-Rip out all carpet and nails and staples.
-Check for any urine stains (yep the joy of dogs...) and if any, cover in Kilz primer.
-Remove all baseboards on the main level (carefully as we plan on putting them back on)
-Remove the sub floor in the kitchen and front entry way.
-Paint as many walls as possible in the entire house.
-Install hard wood flooring in the entry way, hallway, living room, kitchen, pantry, dining area, garage hallway, half bath, and laundry room.
-Reinstall baseboards.
-Get carpets ordered, shipped and installed.
-Clean the entire house.
-Get the vents and air ducts cleaned out of remaining dog hair and dander.
-Pick up a new furniture set from RC Willey that we purchased a month and a half ago.
-Pick up stuff we have been storing at Cam and Kasey's house in Lehi.
-Move ALL of our stuff to the new house hopefully on Saturday February 4th.

Sound like fun to anyone?!

We have a lot of work to do... and if any of you are willing to help, we will take whatever you will offer. We will be at the house in Spanish Fork every night from 5 to 11.  I will also be there during the day some times. So any day or night that you are free- come on down! We will always have a job for you to do.

After this move, we will be tired, sore, and broke, but SOO happy to be in our own home!


Julia said...

We are there! And so proud of you and happy FOR you.

Rachel said...

ya girl! totally can't wait to see everything!

Stephanie Marcum said...

We are on the other side of it. We are under contract to sell our home. It is much easier to sell than buy. Good luck fixing everything.

kbclogger said...

So excited for you! Steph, text me the address I will see if Jim and I can come down to help Fri and/or Sat. Thanks1
Kristi B.