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Holy Mullet!

Jack's hair grows really fast as we all know. This was his 7th haircut since he was 3 months old. This time I ended up cutting two inches off the sides and the top. That's crazy! No matter what his hair looks like, he is still the cutest baby. Even if it looks like it did before!

Before photos:
Ace Ventura style?
"Under the weather"
Sipping on a large bottle
Cutie pie!

And even if his hair is cut into a mullet! 

After photos:

Look at that mullet!
he even makes a mullet look adorable!
Still happy!

We've been talking about giving him a mullet for a while now, so we decided to just go ahead and do it!  We might get looks when in public, but you got to admit that this haircut is pretty awesome right?!


Sarah said... guys need to get him playing hockey with awesome hair like this!

Chris Loves Julia said...

I am cracking up!!!