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Brandon and Steph's Story.

Our story is definitely out of the ordinary. But this is why we feel it is so special.

If we were asked to briefly describe how we met, we would say a blind date. But there is so much more to it than anyone knows. Since Steph is the one who initiated it, here is the story from her perspective...

My best friend goes to school at BYU Idaho and she always told me about "the hottest guy at BYU Idaho" and how I should meet him. Well since I lived in Colorado and he was in Idaho, I kept pushing the idea aside. But after I moved to Provo Utah, I finally decided to look him up on Facebook and see who my friend was talking about.

We then became friends, got each others phone numbers, and started texting and talking on the phone. We kept trying to hang out but it was so hard since we lived in different states. Finally, I went to Idaho for a family reunion and had a free night, so we decided to go on our first date.. a blind date. We went to Millhollow for some ice cream then back to his place to watch a movie. This is where we really connected. We ended up talking for hours!

We visited each other a lot over the next two weeks, and ended up saying I love you 2 weeks after we met! I guess when you know, you know right?! Well the hard thing was that I moved to Orlando Florida the day after we expressed our love for one another.. and Brandon moved to Provo two weeks after I moved away from Provo. The next four months were very difficult, but we tried to talk as often as we could. I actually was able to fly home to Colorado twice and Brandon flew there to see me.

I bet you can guess the rest of the story.. I moved back to Provo and we have been progressing ever since! We both work two jobs and take two classes, but somehow we still manage to spend every free minute with each other.


Anonymous said...

What, you were there til 4 in the morning? You said you got home at 3? You're grounded! Ha...good thing it all worked out and we know Brandon is your perfect match!