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The Wedding Party

We are so excited to have our family and best friends in Idaho to celebrate this special day with us. Below you will read about each person in the wedding party.

There will be 5 Bridesmaids:

Lindsey Ellsworth Hadley: Steph's older sister. Linds got married in November and is living in Boulder Colorado with her husband Mike and working as a registered nurse at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Brittney Ellsworth: Steph's younger sister. Brit is the only child still at home. She is swimming and working this summer.

Leslie Deacon McCabe: Steph's best friend since they were 8 years old. Leslie just got married and is living in Sacramento with her husband Mike.

April Glaser: Steph's friend since 7th grade. They danced together and even Cheered for the Denver Broncos together. She leaves in September to go teach yoga in Cambodia and Thailand.

Meagan Flora: Steph's friend since high school. One of the reasons Steph moved to Utah! Meagan is working and going to school in Provo Utah.

There will be 3 Groomsmen:

Cameron Marcum: Brandon's older brother. Cameron is currently living and working in Texas.

Matt Marcum: Brandon's older brother. Matt and Brandon are roommates in Orem, Utah. Matt is currently working at Best Buy in American Fork.

Chris Marcum: Brandon's youngest brother. Chris is going to school and working in Rexburg Idaho.