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I Love My Husband

I have so much fun with my husband. I just thought all of you should know that. He is always up for anything and always makes me laugh. He loves to be outdoors and loves warm weather. He is very patient with me and always is willing to help me out. Lately he has been cuddling me a lot! And that equals happiness in my book. He is a very good husband.

Have I mentioned that he surprised me at the airport when he picked me up from Florida with no beard?! This deserves its own post. Brandon grew out a beard. Took him a while, but it was still a beard. I think he looked hot with it. But my chin was starting to chafe, so I nonchalantly would tell him how awesome it would be if he shaved it. Haha. Here is the difference. Which one do you like more?


Stephanie said...

I also vote no beard :)