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Summer Time

I love summer. Full of warm weather, outdoor activities, good food, and lots of vacations! Here is the start of our summer.

Lunch at Thanksgiving Point Gardens to celebrate 10 months.
Brandon taught me how to fish.
Hiking Bridal Veil Falls for our first time.

Visiting family. I have to admit a baby looks good on him ;)
We went to see Up. Seriously. Amazing.
Kelsi Kesler got married to Caleb Fullmer in Idaho Falls!

Camp fire with the Marcum's in Rexburg
Four-wheeling in Ririe
Girls trip to Vegas with my Mom and my 2 aunts. I was the tag-along.

Mini-golfing. I beat Brandon by 11 strokes. Ouch.

And we go to Bear Lake in a week from Wednesday!!


Stephanie said...

love that you guys celebrate each month, i never even think to do that. or remember our anniversary. our six month anniversary is the sat we're camping - so maybe i'll remember this time!

also - how cool you got to go fishing! and to vegas! lots of fun things :)

Amanda said...

you guys are cute. and you look so stinkin happy. and yes, your husband does look good with a baby...funny how thinking about kids just creeps up on you huh? :)

Whittney and Ryan said...

hello busy marcums! so questions, is that a wax museum in VEGAS? how did I not know about this fun? well looks like fun times and fun pics, see you in TWO days!!!