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Project Intructions

People have been asking how we did our artwork on our walls from the pictures I posted. So here is how! You can go to Michael's website and get ideas from there.

But basically you need:
  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, 1-inch x 12-inch x 36-inch Sheet, 3 (For the 3 green and brown ones we did, each piece was 12 x 24 inches)
  • Scrapbook Paper, 12-inch x 12-inch, (however many you want)
  • Ribbon, 1-inch, 12 yards
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Spray Glue
  • Exacto Knife; or, Dental Floss
  • Push Pins (to hang them up)
-Cut styrofoam to any shape or design you want with an exacto knife or dental floss BEFORE you glue the paper on.
-Spray the paper with the spray glue and stick it on the styrofoam.
-Wrap double sided tape along the sides/edges of the styrofoam.
-Stick ribbon to the double sided tape. (You can do it like our green and brown ones. We put ribbon in between the 2 pieces of paper to make it look cleaner)
-Use push pins to hang it up.

Seriously it i so easy! You can use cloth, paper, tissue paper, sticks, etc! Good luck and have fun. Please show me pictures of the completed projects!


Stephanie said...

oh cool :) i think i want to make these to hang above our computer area, might distract from all the cords/clutter

Michael & Leslie McCabe said...

I am very impressed with your decorating skills. The green and brown combo looks great together. Sure miss you! -BFF