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Summer is awesome. The warm weather makes me really happy. But it also makes me anxious for activities! I can't wait to live where it is summer all year long!
So lately...

We have been enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor concerts, games, activities, restaurant patios, and snow shacks!
We got a free one because they messed up our order!
This is our softball field we play on with my co-workers (right after it rained and our game was canceled). Ghetto maybe? We have one game left until the post-season tournament. We have a winning record so that's good at least right?!

For those of you who actually listen to the music on my blog (not those that scroll down as fast as they can to turn it off before they begin reading the blog), you will appreciate this. We met Mindy Gledhill. She did a free concert a few weeks ago and I LOVED IT!
I went to the Orem Owlz game with my friend Danee. The best part = the kids at the game.
For Father's Day, my parents got Brandon a grill! "He is a potential father," is the reason they gave me... but some odd reason, they forgot I am a potential mother? :) My cousin Rachel got married! So my family came out and all my relatives came down to Utah for the weekend! This equals happiness for me.
Cousins with Brandon

Girl cousins
Of course we had to go to Iceberg while they were here!
Me and Amber
We just left Zupas having a HUGE lunch. We had to stop at Target to get a Father's Day card. My Dad disappears and I can't find him. I start to search. 10 minutes later he comes with 2 bags of popcorn for him and Brandon. My Dad and my husband are literally OBSESSED with popcorn. Advice anyone?!
And now...
So I have been in denial of this amazing creation for a while. I told myself it was ugly and dumb. But it is time people. Time to admit to myself how amazing it truly is. Plus, I needed it. So without further a due, please say hello to the newest member of our home.
My Snuggie.
I love it.
Brandon says it is cheap and not worth the money. I say it is amazing. I slept in it all night last night.


The Davenports said...
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The Davenports said...

Looks like Utah is the place to be in the summer! I am sad we didn't get to hang out before I moved away :( But next time we come to Utah I will call you, and the next time you go to California call me!!

Allyx and Dan said...

hahahahaa you got a snuggie!!! that is awesome. whenever that commercial comes on i laugh and think about how much i want one of those. also i love summer too. and snocones are the best part of it. I crave one on a daily basis. i'm glad you got to hang out with your family. im going to see mine on monday and i can't wait. LOVE YOU girl.

Stephanie said...

Love all the photos and updates :) Summer really is the best.