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Advice Please

So we sadly found out last week that Brandon is not set to graduate in December like we thought. Instead he has 3 semesters left and will hopefully graduate next summer (I will hurt his counselor if she messes it up again!).

This has changed things for us and has set us back in creating "our lives together." Vacations will be postponed since school is so cheap and all.. and the baby plans will have to wait for a while longer.

We have been super bummed for a week... but after a nice session at the Salt Lake temple, we decided that the Lord obviously knows what is right for us and knows that this is necessary in our lives right now. He knows a lot more than we do.

With this, we are trying to find a new place to live (that allows animals) so we don't have to hide our cats anymore.

And I am also looking for some advice. Brandon will be on his computer all day EVERY day for the next year. Since I am not in school anymore, I have nothing to do at night. I will be so BORED!

So I need your advice please... I want to pick up a hobby. Maybe start reading. But I have never enjoyed reading in my life until the Twilight series. So I need a suggestion for a good book. Maybe a romance novel... but a PG one? Or should I pick up a different hobby? We don't have TV, so I can't start watching a show. And crocheting can only entertain me for so long. I would like to learn to play the piano, but I am too poor to pay for lessons. ANY ADVICE???


Matt & Candice said...


Long time no talk!!! Bummer to have to adjust serious life plans, but who knows maybe it'll be for the better? It seems like you're super happy though - congrats!!

So for hobbies - Why not try sewing? Join a book club? learn a new cooking skill? dance - are you in provo? I think there are a bunch of clubs at BYU; breakdancing, french cheese tasting.. .okay I can't remember but something like that. international cinema at BYU is like $1?

You might like the book In the Time of butterflies, or how about the Harry Potter series - they're easy to get into and fun.

I'm sure you weren't wanting this much advice.. I'll be quiet.

So glad you're happy!! Lovens,

Leslie said...

well if all goes as planned for us then we will be living in Provo/Orem as well this winter. You can hang out with me for a hobby since our husbands will both be in school! How does that sound?!?

Allyx and Dan said...

I'm so sorry that he isn't going to graduate til next summer! That's when (hopefully) Dan and I will graduate too.

I always have to be reading something so I could probably find you some really great books to read. I would start with the CONFESSIONS of GEORGIA NICOLSON. There are 9 books so far and they are short and very easy reads. They are HILARIOUS. I would read them out loud to Dan and he even laughed a lot at them. They are just like a journal entry of this British 14 year old and she is so funny. You would love them.

Do you like taking pictures? You could start doing that for a hobby? Or you could make crafty things... you are SOOO good at that and always make such cute stuff. make them and sell them to me.

Stephanie said...

You are so talented and I know you could succeed at so many different things! I also think you could take more photos or something, but it would probably be best to join a group (book club? or something) or take a class that way you have some structure and are still meeting people. I want to do that too!

love you so much.

Mel said...

I agree with Candice on the Harry Potter. I thought it sounded childish and stupid and then I started reading it and I was SO hooked! They get better and better each one you read. And if you like Twilight you will definitely like HP.

So one of my favorite hobbies is finding all the free events around town that are supposed to "introduce" you to new hobbies and I just participate in the first day/free part. A lot of cooking schools have open house event nights. Basically my big hobby is exploring. I make it a point to find one new random thing to do every week and give it a whirl. If you guys have museums usually museums have free access days once or twice a month. Same with the zoo and stuff like that!

Good luck :)

Shelli Dame said...

photography! i've just started recently and i'm addicted! or you can make purses, let's get together when i get back from atlanta and i'll teach you they're SUPER easy!