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Wild Birds Set Free

So this has been one of my favorite quotes for a while and I believe it is so true.

“Maybe some women aren't meant
to be tamed. Maybe they just
need to run free 'till they
find someone just as
wild to run with.”

So yeah my husband is pretty awesome. He is just as wild as I am and loves to just get up and go with me. He loves to travel like I do and understands that you need a vacation from a vacation!

2 weeks ago we went to Bear Lake with all of Brandon's college roommates and their wives/ girlfriends/ bad A friends that are girls. We had tons of fun. We went boating, tubing, wakeboarding, played games around the campfire, made tinfoil dinners, slept in tents, got dirty, went 5 days without showering, and it was awesome!

Unfortunately it was a bit stressful for Brandon and I since he planned it and we had some issues with the borrowed truck and the borrowed boat we brought. So we ended up turning around 24 hours after we got home and headed to Lake Powell! This was exactly what we needed. A vacation where we weren't in charge and weren't borrowing any expensive motor vehicles. We ate like kings and queens, slept under the stars, danced, played games, played happy and sad, played in the water for 5 days straight, and built some lifetime (hopefully!) friendships.

And thankfully we came home injury free (If anyone remembers, we went to Powell last summer, 2 weeks before our wedding with the same group and came home with massive bruises.. mine covered 5 inches around on my left arm and Brandon got a bad black eye)

And I feel like I am still on a boat. Once in a while, I feel like a big wave comes and it knocks me over. It is pretty funny.

Check out our awesome pictures.
Oh and beware. Camping means no make up or shower, so I am a little nasty in these pictures.

Lake Powell
Our GroupOur houseboatI caught my first fish in Lake Powell! It was a catfish. He was very squirmy and I felt bad for him. So I decided to let him go.
People surfed with 3 people on the board!
And did cool tricks like these.
Girls rule!They taught us how to tandem surf!This is me last year with the guy who taught us how to tandem. I got on his shoulders!Brandon is good.
I suck
We had a talent night. All the girls on the boat made up a dance. I couldn't stop laughing.
Our friend Jake made shirts for everyone on the boat.
On our way there we took a tour of the Dam. It is huge! 350 feet thick!

Now for Bear Lake.
This is us at Costco buying the food for 25 people.
Our campsite. it looks a lot smaller without all the tents and such.Group shot. Minus a few. Girls ruleBoys droolBoys like to wear short shorts.I am apparently really bad at putting sunscreen on Brandon. I guess we will never be using spray sunscreen again.Tin foil dinners.The "Ahhhh I'm Chon" gameGirls buried Dan and Levi
So we came home after Lake Powell, and found the bagels from Bear Lake that we simply just left on our kitchen counter. Look appetizing to anyone?(That is all mold by the way)

That is all.


Maribeth said...

If we had lived closer to you guys we would've taken some bagels...I have a love affair with bagels. Cute pics, it's always funny how you need a vacation after a vacation, good thing you guys got one!

Paul & Rachel said...

lake powell. jealous! a girl i work with is going next week! i totally wanna go!

Mauri said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun! And those bagles...yuck! That's a whole lot of mold!

Mel said...

Brandon's sun tan line is hilarious! Good thing you didn't spray it on like a big heart or something! Looks like you're having a really fun summer, miss you

Whittney and Ryan said...

Did you guys go to Powell with the Tall's you are standing on my friend Ryan Tall's shoulders in one of those pics! haha funny

ahhh bear lake was so fun!!!

miss you dudes!!!