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July Wrap-Up

We have had fun in July! We stayed here with no vacations, so we made our own! We went camping 2 weekends in a row and Brandon went 3 weekends in a row! Our friends Brit and Travis took us to the Uintas to camp and fish the first weekend.

So we took my friend Kenna and her dog Adah the following weekend and found the most amazing campsite ever.

What are they looking at?!

Brandon taught me how to use our fancy camera. I am just starting and just experimenting, but I am proud of myself!

Kenna and I started the fire! We are super proud of ourselves!
Adah didn't leave Brandon's side the entire time.

We also went to my friend Jessica's wedding. She married Bryan Kehl, of the New York Giants. It was the nicest and fanciest wedding I have ever been to.
We have been mini-golfing, on double dates, bike riding, fishing, birthday parties, and to Seven Peaks. It was been fun!

Mini Golf.

I gave Brandon a ponytail! His hair is getting pretty long!
Seven Peaks. My husband tells me it is cool to wear jerseys.


Mel said...

The color in all of your pictures is awesome. The lake at your first site and the river in your second look so pretty!!

Leslie said...

That camera takes quality pictures. I need to get me one of those. I am proud of you for holding a my opinion thats the worst part of fishing. I mean when I cast the line out I hope to catch a fish but I always getting a nervous when a fish actually latches on. Its like, oh I have to get the fish off the hook!

Stephanie said...

love all the pics and I'm proud of you too! I think the photos look gorgeous :)

Mauri said...

You guys are so cute Steph! Looks like you've been up to some fun. You just made me want to go camping really bad!

Erica said...

Steph! Those pics you took camping are amazing!! Good're a photographer in training, honey. Keep it up. You both are awesome - I love reading about your life. :)