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Brandon Turns 28

Today is my husband's 28th birthday. He is pretty amazing and I want to let him know how amazing I truly think he is.

So here are 28 reasons why I love Brandon David Marcum.

1. He surprised me with a kitty on my birthday even though he has never liked cats.

2. He fell in love with the kitty that he first picked out, so we ended up getting 2 kitties.

3. He is an amazing dancer.

4. He can make me laugh, even when I am in a bad mood.

5. He doesn't like cuddling, but he is willing to cuddle with me every night just to make me happy.

6. He tells me that I am beautiful all the time.

7. He tells me he loves me regularly.

8. He learned how to country dance because he knows how much it means to me.

9. He lets me travel to Disney World to keep my seasonal status.

10. He tells me thank you after every meal I make for him and he is always willing to eat my new experiments.

11. He loves my family almost as much as I do.

12. He stares at the kids in church probably more often than the speaker and is completely in love with them by the end of the meeting.

13. He is great with kids and will be an amazing father some day.

14. He is passionate about the church and is always trying to be a better person.

15. He just sits and listens when I come home and I tell him EVERY detail of my day.

16. He never complains about how frugal I am.

17. He loves to be in the water, by the water, on the water, and near the water. Always.

18. He speaks with a very adorable, higher voice when he speaks to the kitties.

19. He makes the bed EVERY day without me asking.

20. He comes from an amazing family and he would do anything for them.

21. He is a very talented artist.

22. He doesn't complain when I take a picture of every single thing that occurs in our lives.

23. He is my garbage disposal.

24. He is getting his degree and is completely motivated to do it.

25. When I get cold, he wraps his arms completely around me to try to keep me warm.

26. He is a softy and quite sensitive.

27. He worries about me when I don't come home on time and actually goes out driving around looking for me.

28. He loves me.

Thanks for an amazing first year of marriage Hubby!


Mauri said...

oh my gosh, cutest ever! You found yourself a good hubby. Happy Birthday to him!

MB said...

Nice. I do the 28 (or however old he is turning) things I love about scott every year.

it was also your anniversary, yes?

Lord Stanley said...

Hey Marcmo's.... go to Idaho this weekend!!! I'm headin up to battle rapids & see the dudes with my ladyfriend.... it would be awesome to see you guys too....

Mel said...

You guys are too cute. I love how happy you are Steph

Lindsey and Jake said...

So cute! I love hearing how happy y'all are! Brandon is an awesome guy, and so are you steph!

Erica said...

Awww...I have not looked on anyone's blog for so long - I'm a slacker. This was so adorable! Thank you, Steph, for reminding us all how wonderful you BOTH are! :)