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So I have been a little busy with work lately that I haven't had the time to update the blog. So here is the catch-up post! There is a lot so beware.
Brandon started school and I got a new position at work. I am working about 60 hours a week and Brandon is taking 19 credits plus working. So you can probably guess that we don't see much of each other. All I can say is I can't wait until this semester ends:)

A big event that has happened is we moved to American Fork! I love not living in the Provo/Orem bubble. I also love how my commute is ONLY 10 minutes.

This was our apartment when we moved in. You can't really tell, but it was a nightmare (I broke the blinds the first day).
This is it now. Can you see the cat tails in the window?! All I can say is they love it here. They can look out the windows and even go outside! Yesterday they turned 1 years old! So I gave them tuna and let them go outside for the day. Good birthday for the cats!
So when we moved in, I found out I was allergic to something in our apartment. I couldn't figure out what it was. I had to take sleeping pills to get through the night. So I finally vacuumed after all the boxes were gone, and this is what the vacuum got from one room! Disgusting huh? So yeah, we got the carpets cleaned and I have not had ANY problems since. Amazing huh?
Another big event is Brandon cut his hair! I am not gonna lie, I miss it. But I love his hair this length.

(He messed it up right before he cut it)

We had my Mom's side family reunion at Signal Mountain (on Jackson Lake in Wyoming). It was very short, but so good to be there! Last year Brandon and I missed out on the family reunion because it was the day after our wedding. So this was our first together:)
The whole Moss clan

It is a tradition in our family to swim across the lake, and my Grandpa pays us $100 to do it!! It is a mile across and it is freezing! But we did it. It was Brandon's first time and I am so so proud of him! My little sister got first and I got second. I tried to keep up with her but she was just way too fast for me! It is also a tradition to run back to the room and jump in the warm tub!
So I think I need to tell you all that Brandon is an amazing photographer. You have seen some of his stuff before. But check these out.

My family in Jackson Hole.

We got square ice cream cones on our way home!The next weekend we went up to Ashton Idaho for the Marcum reunion.

We had a talent night. Our friend Austin taught us how to country dance so we decided to share it with the family! This was our first time ever doing it all the way through. We were exhausted!!!
Niece and Nephews' talent costumes!
We went up to Mesa Falls during the reunion.
And we went 4 wheeling. We also went tubing down the river but I don't have any pictures of that.
We sang to Brandon for his birthday.
The Marcum reunion ended on the morning of our 1 year anniversary, so we decided to drive up to Yellowstone to spend some quality time together.

It was a lot of driving. Can you tell?!

Brandon's birthday is the same day as our anniversary, so we went to dinner to celebrate. We asked if they did anything for birthdays and they brought him about 2 pounds of chocolate pudding! It was perfect.
Over Labor Day weekend, we flew to Colorado to visit my family. We hadn't been to Colorado since Christmas, so this was much needed. I got food poisoning the day we flew out there, so I was not in the mood to fly. Turns out, we were late for our flight and had to take a standby flight to L.A. then to Denver, arriving around 1 am. It was an adventure for sure.

We went to Water World and it was perfect! It was Brandon's first time there.

My little sister turned 16 so we celebrated her birthday while we were there!

We took Brandon to his first major league baseball game! We sat 4 rows behind the Rockies dugout. It was amazing.
Our nephew Jordan got his mission call to Tulsa Oklahoma. We went with him through the temple to take out his endowments in Ogden.

I got together with all my old roommates/girlfriends. This is the first time in probably a year, so it was amazing!
I think some of you will make fun of me for this one. I drove by a billboard one day that said "now hiring." I obvously don't need a job, but the place was the thing that interested me. I talked to my friend Shara, and we decided to do it! Well on Friday night I worked at a Haunted House as a MONSTER!! It was super long and really really hot, but seriously I don't think I have laughed so much in 5 hours ever! These are the costumes they gave us!
This is Shara and I after. Our makeup was kinda ruined.
Pretty nasty huh?!
So Brandon and I did something that I seriously will remember for the rest of my life! We rented segways at Thanksgiving Point gardens and rode them around for an hour. That was the funnest thing I have done in a really long time. I wish I could buy one. In fact when we got home, we looked it up to see how much they are. But $6,000 just seems a little out of our budget. I now have a lot of respect for Paul Blart in Mall Cop!



Wow you have been busy, but it looks like you are SO happy! I'm so glad I can see your blog now for a while I couldn't get to it. Miss ya

Stephanie said...

Wow! Lots and lots going on :) haha the segway outing looks hilarious and way fun and I love your crazy monster costume!

Busy Bee Academy said...

YAY! It was so fun to catch up with you guys!!! I love all the pics. You 2 make me laugh...the segways, being a monster, the vacuum junk, swimming across the freezing lake, etc. Makes me miss Brandon and I can't wait to meet you Steph!

Mauri said...

Steph you are so cute. Looks like you guys are staying busy & having fun! Hopefully I can see you one of these days!!

Whittney and Ryan said...

okay so ever time you post i find out we have a mutual friend through your pictures... this time Kasey the blond in the picture at them temple for Jordans endowments, we went to high school together... small world again!

okay so those seg-way things look sweet!! Ry and I have been talking about renting some FOREVER but never do, look like fun!!

Allyx and Dan said...

you guys have been having SOOO much fun lately. I am jealous. But you def deserve... 60 hours a week? 19 credits? you guys are crazy! brandon is an amazing photographer. I'm really impressed, and want those pictures!I can't believe you got to be a monster at a haunted house. how awesome! plus, your new apt looks so cute. where in american fork are you? that's where my bro lives. anyway, glad to see you guys are doing great. miss you tons.

Mel said...

Oh man you two are a busy couple! Looks like the things keeping your free time busy are lots of fun though!! Brandon is such an amazing photographer. Its like you have a free artist for your house :)

MB said...

HA. I totally want to be a monster in a haunted house. that would be so funny.

My allergies went crazy when we moved too...although we only have hard wood floors so it was me on my hands and knees trying to scrub the gunk off of I feel your pain.

Kelsi Fullmer said...

Steph I loved your post! Your house looks super cute! The dust was gross. You swam a mile?! i would die. I love Jackson hole, and ashton ice cream. I can't believe you two pull off lifts...very impressive! I love baseball games. and i want you to know how badly I want to be in those haunted house pictures. I LOVE IT! and love you, bye.