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Ground Hog Day

Have you ever felt like you do the exact same thing every single day? I wake up, go to work at 7:30 am, review loan packages and files all day, get completely swamped that I don't even have time to eat lunch, leave work around 7 pm, drive home, make or buy something to eat that is fast, do chores around the house or run errands, then go to bed at 10 pm and wake up to do the same thing over again. I am getting really sick of doing the same thing! I don't know how people have the same job for 30 years, doing the exact same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Brandon is always doing homework. So I spend the weekdays alone when I get off work. I made him promise me that he will spend Saturdays with me. Well this is really only Saturdays from 4 pm to 10 pm because he does homework until 4. And we often have something going on on Saturdays (family events, church events, friend get togethers, etc), so it isn't always "our" day.

I miss Brandon! I miss being able to go to bed at the same time. I miss being able to rent a movie and cuddle up on the couch. I miss being able to cook him dinner every night. I am so sick of being so busy! But most of all I am sick of Brandon being in school!

Here are a few pictures of things lately:

Brandon decorated my closet for me:) I didn't take it down for 4 days. It was very hard to get clothes out of my closet!

Dinner with all of Brandon's old roommates (+ 3 wives).

The kitties LOVE going outside. They sneek outside the second the door opens. I let them play in the tree.

Sniper found a cigarette butt. And he loved it! hahaha.

Yep. That is it.