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It is now October.

We went to Colorado. We went to dinner at Outback. April, Sue, Brad, and Trevor joined us (my second family!)

We went to Garlic Knot. I have been craving it for almost 4 years! I just never seem to remember to eat there when we are in town. This time I didn't forget.
We went to the Dew Tour downtown.

The kitties turned 2. I gave them tuna. They loved it. Now they ask for it every morning. oops.

We went up the canyon one night. I lasted 10 minutes before I got too car sick. So we pulled over and played by the river. It was a nice break from B's homework.
I have made more flowers/headbands.

The end.


Sourire said...

your flowers look great! and i'm glad you two got to go to colorado, looks like a really fun trip :)

Leslie said...

Car sick huh? That sucks. Your bows are so cute! I want some. When you come back for the holidays I will buy a few from you. Funny you gave the cats tuna on their bday. Youre lucky you can have cats. I am really allergic all the sudden and will probably never have one. ;-( I will have to live vicariously through you. ha!

Bob and Janene said...

So fun - love seeing you two - such good friends. Thanks for sharing!

Paul & Rachel said...

aw! you keep coming to colorado and not seeing us :(

Kaylinn said...

Cute flowers Stephanie. Such a fun little crafty. We miss you guys. When B is done homeworking and you're paychecks are bigger, we should all go vacationing! Done and done!

Melissa + Brett said...

CUTE headbands! Did you really get car sick, or were you more pregnant sick? :) I have been craving Outback...totally jealous!