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Jack's 1st Birthday Party

We've taken a short break (which actually turned into a long break) from anything involving the house. We took a much needed vacation to Vegas (blog post to come later this week), gotten a lot of R&R, and most importantly, we have gotten a lot of family time in.  All I can say is I HAVE LOVED IT!!! But back to reality.. and posting on blogs.

Jack and Mommy
As most of you know, Jack turned one. Some reason the second a baby turns one, society expects him to not act like a baby anymore. He is supposed to walk, talk, say goodbye to formula/breast milk and say hello to cows milk, ditch bottles and only use sippy cups, and only wear oversized t-shirts instead of onesies. All this sure doesn't make this transition any easier on a mom!  But this past month has made me so excited for this new stage in Jack's life. He is so funny! He does something new everyday and I can't seem to get enough of him.  I seriously LOVE playing with him everyday. He brings so much joy to my life. 

We think Jack is pretty amazing, so we wanted to throw a party for him and show everyone else how amazing he is! So on the Saturday after his real birthday, we had a party at our house for him.

How could this kid get any better?!
"YAY! I'm one!"
Jack loves balloons. Seriously. He is obsessed. They make him so happy! So we decided to make the party a BALLOON themed party. And it was a good idea! He loved it! Every time he saw a balloon, he would point and say ooohh! I'm pretty sure that means, "Give me that!" haha.

Jack helping Mom and Dad set up for the party. He wanted every balloon we blew up.
Our walkway lined with Balloon Suckers.

Balloon Wreath. We decided this will be the birthday wreath.. so if you see this on our door, you know there is a birthday inside!
Balloon Banner.
We also used this for the backdrop of the photos above.
I think this was the first party Brandon and I have ever hosted together. We've never lived in a place big enough to host a larger group of people. So this was a little out of our comfort zone and we both agree we really enjoyed it! The past week was a little stressful trying to get the house descent to have people over. We finally finished the baseboards last week.. which only took us 13 weeks to complete! We cleaned out the garage so one of our cars could fit, we sprayed and trimmed our weeds (we got a letter from the police station stating we would be fined if our weeds were longer than 6 inches by May 1st), worked on the ant problem at the front of the driveway, we mowed the lawn, trimmed the edges, completed painting and staining of some decorations for the house, completed and framed artwork for the house, set up the house for the party, decorated for the party, and baked goodies ALL DAY SATURDAY starting at 8 am! I somehow forgot to eat the entire day and was famished by the end of it.  But it was all completely worth it because Jack was so happy!

Food table. (We forgot to take pictures before people started eating.)

We had friends and family and neighbors all come celebrate with us. It was so much fun!

Jack was showing off the whole time.

 Jack loves to play, especially with other babies/kids.
Jack and Bennett.

Surrounded by balloons.

Our attempt to take a photo of the 3 babies on the Marcum side.

Jack was not having it.


Jack loved opening presents! He showed no emotion the whole time, but was so intrigued with each item.

Giving kisses to the puppy
Proud dad.. who rocks a mullet.

Jack got spoiled with toys! But he loves each one.  

Poor Greta wanted to help Jack.


We all sang Happy Birthday to Jack and brought the cake out. He wanted to grab the flame on the candle so I had to blow it out for him.  But he sure was happy to see the cake!

Our attempt of a family picture before he destroyed the cake.
 At first he wasn't sure what was going on, but it didn't take him long to start tasting the cake.
First taste. He is still deciding what he thinks about it.
Pretty sure he is thinking, "I can't believe I'm allowed to have this!"
In for another "grab."
Full fist in the mouth.
Yeah he decided all the frosting needed to be pushed off the cake.

He kept licking the frosting off of his hand, so I had to break a piece off of the cake for him to let him see what was inside! And once I did, he didn't stop.

Even with cake and frosting all over him he is SO CUTE!

Stuff that face

Family photo mid-cake demolition.
Always willing to share. Such a sweetheart.
Never fails to eat with his foot up.
"How are you gonna clean this off of me?"
Good thing he kept his area clean.
Why not just go for it?
One happy boy.
He ended up eating half the cake! And he never acted like his stomach hurt.  This boy loves to eat!

Here is a video of the whole cake eating experience for those of you who want a live feed of Jack gorging himself. I sped it up so its less than 2 minutes long.

Thank you to everyone who came. We seriously can't thank you enough for the love you have shown Jack over the past year. Thank you thank you!


Brittney said...

All your decorations were so cute!! I love how you told me you were going to keep it "small" and not "go all out" for it. But everything looked so good! I loved the balloon suckers! Jack looks just as cute as ever. Tell him I love him :) Oh, and love you and Brandon too!

Cyndi said...

Oh my! So fun! But looking at the pictures of him with the cake mess gives me anxiety!

Leslie said...

Pounding that cake!!! How cute is that?!? His party looked like something on Pinterest. Way to go you guys. Miss that little Jack already!

Heather said...

Happy Belated to Jack...and Brandon still has the mullet?