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Happy Early Birthday To Me!

So I have been thinking this year that Christmas time is by far my favorite time of the year. Everything about the holiday makes me happy. I am in such a good mood the entire month of December (even despite the awful weather!). And having the tree up for a month is just way too short! You don't get to fully enjoy the holiday season. So... my birthday is in a week, so I told Brandon that what I wanted for my birthday is to set up Christmas decorations early. He agreed! Last night we had hot chocolate, homemade pizza, and Christmas music playing as we put out all the Christmas decorations. It was pure bliss.

So happy birthday to me! I LOVE YOU BRANDON!!!!


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

That is SUCH a good birthday present!! Hahaha. Isn't it great being an adult and if you want to do something--you just DO IT?! Merry Birthday to you.

Mars said...

awesome! I love that you did this. A month is way too short for Christmas decorations-I agree. What a great birthday present and a great hubby to go along with it :)