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How We Announced The Pregnancy To My Family

We have been asked quite a few times how we told my family about us being pregnant. So I thought I would share that story here with all of you.

This is the first grandchild on my side and even the first great-grandchild on my Mom's side, so you can imagine how happy and excited my family is that we are having a baby! We were so excited when we found out that we couldn't hold it in. So we decided to make a very short trip to Colorado the weekend after we found out. We told my family the reason we were coming out was to celebrate my Mom's birthday which was still two weeks away, but we couldn't make it out in the next two weekends, so we had to come out that weekend to celebrate. Hence, the post a few weeks ago about going to Colorado.

We drove all night after I got off work on Thursday and arrived at my parents' house around 1 am. But everyone was working or was busy with something the whole weekend! So we pretty much hung out by ourselves all day Friday and Saturday. I was having a hard time keeping the news in!

We went skydiving for our anniversary and got videos of our dive, so we decided to tell them by having them watch our skydiving video with a little surprise at the end! Right when I am about to jump out of the plane, the whole screen goes black. Then music starts playing (You're Having My Baby by Finn on Glee) and pictures start popping up of us holding the positive pregnancy tests. Then it ends with an ultrasound that says, "Due May 2011."

We made plans to go to dinner on Saturday night. It was VERY difficult to get them all together. We had a very certain way, as stated above, that we wanted to tell them and it wouldn't work to tell them at dinner, so we had to organize it to get them all at my parents' house at once. The family was very confused why I was being so persistent that we drive to the restaurant together. I told them I wanted them to watch our skydiving video and that was our only chance to watch it all together. So they reluctantly agreed to watch it.

Here is the proof. I love it!
1. Recording of the families reaction to the video! (The part that they all get confused is when the whole screen went black. They thought they did something to the TV or sat on the remote or something! Then the pictures and song come up and they slowly got it!)

2. Shortened version of the video we showed them.


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

That is the best reaction! I even teared up watching them react. Haha.

Paul & Rachel said...

haha that's hilarious - is that your mom? i love her reaction!

Mars said...

Oh.My.Gosh. That is awesome!!! I love your mom's reaction! How fun!

Kaylinn said...

I can't lie, I cry every time I watch it. Congrats again.

Melissa + Brett said...

I seriously have goosebumps everywhere. Those videos are so dang cute!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Happy late bday. I hope you did get to see Tangled. Seriously one of the cutest Disney movies ever!

Tabitha said...
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Tabitha said...

Looking for ways to announce our next pregnancy--hopefully in a week!! :) Such a great way to do it and i totally cried, watching them react!