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Half Bath, Half Completed

Our half bathroom is not exactly complete, but it does have new paint, new floors, and new baseboards. We decided to tackle these things before we moved in, and still haven't touched the room since.  Yikes! Time to get movin'. 

Here are before photos of the bathroom. Before, the bathroom had the generic baseboards installed by the builders of the home. Please also notice the awesome linoleum on the floors. I sure miss that stuff...
Brandon being the awesome handy man that he is, installed every single plank of hard floors! Wow I am glad I didn't have to do that!  In order to put the floors in the bathroom, he had to remove the toilet and the sink.  Yum. I'm sure he was thirsty during this process.  (Oops..Was that going too far?)
Closing up the toilet hole.


Before we installed the floors, we decided to paint the half bath. We considered waiting to do this after we moved in , but reconsidered.

We scored some discontinued Martha Stewart paint at Home Depot while we were shopping for other paint, and we're very happy with how it turned out. We ended up buying two quarts, and only paid $15! We still have about half of one left, for any touch ups and future painting necessary in that tiny space.  We chose Walmart's paint color, "First Morning Dew." We had it color matched to the Martha Stewart paint.

First Morning Dew. A light, sea-foam greenish color.
 We really wanted a fresh, cool feel to the bathroom. This is the bathroom that is used the most by our guests, so we wanted to make sure they felt comfortable. We're VERY happy with the color. 

After we painted, we put the original, boring baseboards back on. We decided they were washed out in this tiny room. They didn't do anything for it. So we removed them once again, and decided to put the new baseboards we installed in our new living room throughout the entire first floor of the house. BEST DECISION EVER!!

I then added a white hand towel (Target), white trash can (Walmart), white toilet brush (99 cents from Ikea) and some coconut hand soap (The Body Shop). A bunch of white, but a bunch of clean and subtle additions to not overwhelm this tiny room.

I also transformed our old paper towel holder into a toilet paper holder! Pretty proud of myself here. There's no storage for this bathroom, and we've already experienced too many times running out of toilet paper while on the toilet! haha. 

One of the awesome perks of owning your own home is making holes and permanent changes to things. I've always wanted a paper towel holder that hung from our cupboards. It's the simple things in life that matter most right?! We've never been allowed to make holes in the cupboards, so we've had this awesome paper towel holder sitting on our counter for almost 4 years now.

It's gotten worn out from water and let's face it, it was never really an attractive piece in our kitchen. We removed the smaller metal piece, and with some white paint (leftover from our table in our living room ), this paper towel holder is now a toilet paper holder!

What do you think?

Now for the full reveal of the bathroom:

Sea Foam Green paint, new 4 1/2 inch tall baseboards, and dark alder wood floors.

A fresh feel with white accents and clean, simple lines.

Clean, fresh feel for all those who will visit this little corner in our home!
And for all those who love a before and after like I do:

Ok so maybe saying half completed is belittling our work a bit. But we need some help people. This is where your comments are needed!

We need something to put on the wall above the toilet, but just haven't found what that is yet. Since the bathroom door is in the middle of the room, that seems to be the only place we can put something. What do you suggest?


Brandon said...

We also have the big wall across from the door when you walk in that needs something on it. Let us know what you suggest.

Chris Loves Julia said...

It looks so much better. If it were my bathroom, I'd put some shelves going up the wall behind the toilet. Style them with plants, statues, vases, baskets, towels, books (!). Type in "shelves in bathroom" on Pinterest and you'll get a bunch of inspiration.

As for the big wall when you first walk in the door, I'd blow up a huge photo of water. Here's my favorite example and tutorial:

Darryl Iorio said...

Nice choice of color you guys! Your bathroom gives off a spa-like feeling because of all the sea-foam greenish color. It’s very relaxing to look at! I also like your vintage-looking sink. Anyway, I’d put some shelves up there too to make it look less empty. You can put towels there and more toilet papers. =)

Anonymous said...

I would replace the mirror. We had a similar size half bath with the same mirror and you could see
yourself in the mirror due to how long it was. Just a suggestion.

The floors, baseboards, and paint look great. Keep on the good work!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say see yourself while on the toilet...