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Sink Cleaning - and soon to be new sink!

When we first looked at our house, we didn't notice a lot of the small things. When we came to look at the house right before we accepted the counter offer, we started to look a little closer. We noticed things that were gonna need fixin'. Some of those things are our sinks and faucets. Let's just say our sinks are a bit of an eye soar. And we're embarrassed by them. 

So we did a little bit of fixing up on the sinks as a temporary fix right now. But we have decided that new sinks and faucets are in the near future. WE CAN'T WAIT!!

First check out our kitchen sink. From afar, it doesn't look that bad. A white cast iron sink could be a nice addition to someone's home. But from our experience, it will never be an addition to one of our homes again. 

Kitchen sink
When we moved into our house, the sink looked completely white and wasn't that bad. Then we started painting (adding some paint to the sink.. oops) and using it frequently, and the sinks true colors started to show. Literally.

Now take a closer look. See all that discoloring? That isn't rust, nor stains. That's the porcelain coating that's come off and is showing the under layers of the sink. You can even see a few black spots where the white coating has chipped off and the black cast iron is exposed.

And that faucet is gross too. And don't even get me started on how inconvenient it is to do dishes with a faucet that is only 4 inches away from the sink wall.

People comment about our sink when they use it.. and it's very embarrassing. I noticed I do dishes with a grossed out look on my face every time. 

Left side BEFORE
Right side BEFORE

So I googled some remedies I could do to help our sink look like it did when we moved in.  I first tried baking soda.

Do you see a difference? It worked well to get the paint off as well as dirt and soap scum. But the discoloring didn't change.
After Baking Soda

Left side after baking soda

Right side after baking soda

Next I tried a bleach water bath. I filled each side of the sink with 16 parts water, 1 part bleach. I let it sit in the sink for at least an hour. This worked! I'm pretty sure this was done right before we moved in.

After bleach water

Left side after bleach water

Right side after bleach water

 Overall, the kitchen sink looks a lot better. But it still isn't good enough for us. We've made room in our budget for a new sink, new faucet, and new disposal. We've been researching and will purchase them this week! Check back next week to see our NEW KITCHEN SINK!!!!


 A small fix to our bathroom sinks happened as well. All the sinks weren't sealed well, and it was ugly.. and again embarrassing.

So we removed the caulk from the sink, and re-caulked around the sink.  Now it looks a lot better! What do you think?

AFTER re-caulk

Thanks for reading!


Kate said...

k, first of all I hear ya on the 4" faucet thing. When we moved in they had a stainless steel sink but super shallow, that combined with the same faucet you have: terrible. Couldn't even get my big pot under the faucet at all, let along get it clean.
Don't you love all the little things that were invisible when you first saw the house and bid on it? Then you start living in it and the details pop out... :)

Carmella Vancil said...

Fixing the kitchen sink overall is a good move. Having a leaky faucet can increase your water bill, and an old and corroded pipe can give up any minute. This means you might end up with a bigger problem. And by the way, the Mont Blanc granite is a good choice.
@Carmella Vancil

Althea Tumlin said...

Those sink remedies online are definitely handy. :) Your sink looks a lot better now. Thanks to the almighty baking soda. Ha! Have you replaced you sink and faucet already? I'd love to see how they turned out. :D

Darryl Iorio said...

I have that trouble as well. My sink is made of marble, so I have to keep it clean and shiny. If it isn’t cleaned, it looks disgusting. Though I got to hand it to you; it really looked nice once cleaned. You did a really good job in the repairs. Kudos!

Gayle Manning said...

When you look at it, it seems that your sink has no chance of becoming clean and shiny again. Though it took quite a bit of work, you managed to successfully turn it into a fresh sink again. Well, you missed some spots, but at least it looks better than before.