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Celebrate Good Times.. Come On!

I made it! 5 written finals, 2 big presentations, 1 project, 18 zits, 1 canker sore and a LOT of stress later.. I am done with FALL SEMESTER!!! WAHOOO! You have no idea how good that feels! I finally slept for 8 hours straight for the first time in 4 months. I haven't had caffeine for a few days since I am not trying to "survive the day." And I am smiling! Just one more semester of this torture and I will finally be freeeeeeee!

I finished up my last final on Friday morning and we left right after to drive to Colorado for the break. (We left the kitties and we miss them so much... we are pathetic!) We arrived around 8 pm... and were given a long laundry list of things to do: hang Christmas cards up, cook treats for all the neighbors, vacuum and wash the cars, clean the bathroom, vacuum, sweep, cook, seal and stamp all the Christmas cards, finish binders for Primary, update family blog, and more.. can you see what I mean?! But we are more than willing to help out. My Mom has been so out of it, bless her heart, trying to organize all the things she needs to get done. "Never fear, Steph and Brandon are here!" That is how I feel... and I like it. I like knowing we are helpful and wanted around. I am getting used to hearing my Dad continuously call my name to help him with something. And it has been so great to just sit with him and talk about life and important matters. I miss my Daddy!

My Dad went to the first hour of church today for our Christmas program! It was definitely hard for him but he set a goal to make it there and he did it! He has a walker with him all the time, but he is making movement around the house! He even cleaned the carpet!

Today was my dear friend Allysa's graduation party. We went to high school together and were roommates up at Colorado State for the 2 years I went there. I had 3 thoughts while at this party:
1. How jealous of her and some of my other friends for graduating.. and how sad it is that I am still in school!
2. How much I miss my friends from high school. He had a group of 15 or so that always got together... and most of them still do hang out. They are some of the most inspirational and caring people I have ever met. They are like brothers and sisters to me and am so thankful for them.
3. How different all of our lives will be from this point on. Everyone is graduating, moving all across the states, and I ran off to BYU and got married! I really hope we can stay close, even when there are many miles between us.

So as you can see above, we made a Christmas card this year! We bought these sweaters and knew right away we had to share their beauty with all our loved ones! We hope you enjoy it! (Please note the amazing placement of everything, our posture and legs, and the tortured cats.!)

Here is my Dad at home on his bed... his usual spot!

The family and friends gathered for Sunday lunch!


Stephanie said...

thanks for this wonderful update Steph! I know exactly what you mean about feeling busy and needed at home... hopefully you still want to feel those things this Saturday, we're going to need some help! :) I love having you as a friend and can't wait to see you again so soon. Seriously, thanks for everything you do!

Melissa + Brett said...

Oh my goodness...I had no idea you two had a blog! I haven't met you yet Steph (and can't wait to), but Brando is my FAVORITE cousin in the whole world. I so wanted to be a your wedding, but our baby girl was coming at the same time. I am a total blog stalker and read all your posts all the way to the begining. : ) I am glad to hear your dad is doing better! I can't imagine how hard his recovery must be. Congrats on finishing another semester! Oh, and I must say I love your incredibly ugly Christmas sweater picture. The fireplace is hilarious!