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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

....And smell like Christmas and sound like Christmas and taste like it too! Ah I seriously love this time of year.

Sound: I officially switch in to Christmas mode on Thanksgiving day.. but this year I was in the mood for cheering up.. so I started a week early. I downloaded some new music and I am loving it!

Smell: I have been burning the cinnamon pumpkin spice oil lately and I love coming home to the scent!

Taste: I have made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I am making pumpkin chocolate chip bread tomorrow! Oh and I love candy cane hot chocolate! It is my favorite!

Look: My Mom gave Brandon and I a 6 foot tree when we went to Colorado. Well we were so anxious to have Christmas at home that we put it up last night. And it is NOT 6 feet! More like 10! It touches the ceiling and there is no room for a star at the top! But we love it! We went shopping for all the decorations then came home, turned on Christmas music, made hot chocolate and decorated the tree!

But Christmas is not complete without a warm fireplace to cuddle up next to and to hang your stockings from. And we don't have a fireplace. Well this didn't stop Brandon and I. We went to Roberts and bought construction paper and made our own fireplace! I seriously love it. Brandon keeps catching me staring at it or sitting by it. I know.. I may be weird, but it gives me comfort! And it makes me so happy to have a fireplace for Christmas!

Our Fireplace, tree, and family! (The kitties' glowing eyes are cool)

Brandon and I getting warm by our fireplace.

Our stockings hung above the fireplace! A stocking for Brandon, Steph, Sniper and Gunner.

Brandon starting to fluff the tree.

Me trying to fluff.

Our beautiful tree.

Our first Christmas ornament we were given for a wedding present!


Amanda said...

totally jealous of that tree. ours is about 6 inches tall...haha. such is the life of newlyweds :)

found your blog! and now you have a new looks like you and brandon are doing so well. marriage is so wonderful, and especially when life gets tough you have him to rely on... :)

merry christmas!

Erica said...

You two are TOO cute! So sweet that you're so excited about your first Christmas. It is really an extra-special time for you and you are soooo happy...that is good. In spite of your worries for your dad, you seem to be counting your blessings and making the small things count. We love you - you are a great example to us all.

Shawn and Erica said...

We don't have a fireplace either. Can we maybe borrow yours when you're done? It looks so amazing and professional! Hopefully you guys are preparing for an amazing night of Mario Kart!

Mel said...

You crack me up! I love that you went and made a fireplace. And not just a little one, you got serious about it and went all out! Amazing. I love Christmas too! I wish it was colder here so it felt more like it

Allyx and Dan said...

HA. I love your fireplace! and i wish we had a tree!!! I want to come over to your house and enjoy the holiday spirit! I love youuuu!!!!


Your tree is really cute! It will be fun having your first Christmas together! I didn't know about your Dad. We will keep him and your family in our prayers.

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Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

Hello daughter. Yes I am on your blog! Can't wait for you to come home! Sorry I kept missing your phone calls today. I love your blog...write more!