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My Dad is HOME!!

Good news everyone! My Dad got to go home yesterday! YAY!! I have been celebrating all day. I am seriously so happy for him. The past couple days have been really hard for him with chronic stomach pains as well as intense head pain.. but he has pushed through it because he has wanted to go home so bad!!

He waited all day anxiously for my Mom to go pick him up. The car ride made him really sick so he basically just sat on the couch the whole day. But they put a twin bed in our den so he doesn't have to struggle up and down the stairs to go to his bedroom.

And I have taken 2 finals, and have 3 more to go. I am heading over to the testing center in a few minutes to take my 3rd. Brandon is off snowboarding today with his brother Cam and our nephew Jordan. It is his first time in 2 years so he was like a little kid on Christmas this morning.. so excited to go! He is still sick and is coughing and blowing weird things out of his nose (he will kill me when he reads this) but nothing could stop him from going to the slopes!


Erica said...

Yeah!!! Steph, that is such great, GREAT news! We are happy for your dad and the rest of your family. Good luck on the rest of your finals and Jordan was really excited about snowboarding today too - what a great day to be on the slopes!! :) Thanks for the update.