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We are now back in Utah and back to normal life. We were in Colorado since the Monday before Thanksgiving until last Monday the 1st. We were planning on coming home on Sunday but it snowed really bad in Colorado and they closed I-70 so we couldn't even go through. So we stayed until Monday afternoon which I was completely fine with.

We both missed classes and several days of work, but our teachers and employers were really understanding. We brought our kitties because we left so quickly that we had no one to watch them.

Here are some highlights from the week in Colorado:

1. My Dad got moved from the Hospital!! He is now in a nursing home and his roommate has a problem pooing his pants in the middle of the night, but we are so thankful he is off of IV's and on the road to recovery. He is still in tons of pain and can't hold himself up at all, but he is making little improvements each day.

This experience with my Dad has been really hard for me. I have looked up to my Dad my whole life. He is my hero. I have always been dependent on him but now he is dependent on me and my family and cannot do anything for himself. It is hard to see that. But this experience has really helped me be thankful for what I have and thankful that the situation was not worse. My Dad's old boss came to visit him in the hospital one day and the experience really opened my eyes. His old boss Bruce is terminally ill and is fighting cancer everyday and does not have probable odds.. but yet despite all of his trials, he still came to the hospital to make sure my Dad was alright. How amazing. I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in MY problems that I start to have the thoughts of "poor me" and I am worse off than others. But it is not poor me or poor Dad. It is "wow he is lucky." His boss is just one example of the many amazing people who came to visit my Dad despite their personal struggles.

We all have many trials in our lives.. and they are completely different... divorce, death, illness, bankruptcy, unemployment, and many more... but we are only given what the Lord knows we can handle. And the reward for our endurance is the most precious gift of all... ETERNITY!

This picture is of my whole family together.

Me and Brandon with my Dad.

My Dad's awesome "pirate" patch he has to wear now to reduce the spinning sensation.

The sign we made for my Dad's room and friends signing it.

2. One morning I was talking to my Mom while Brandon was still sleeping and we all of a sudden heard a huge smack. I frantically ran around the house trying to find out what it was and I found Sniper (our little black kitty) hiding behind a frame. I picked him up and he was gushing blood out of his nose and water was just flowing out of his mouth and eyes. He was so frightened. He kept sneezing blood all over me. My Mom drove us to the vet and it ends up that Sniper broke his nose. He fell off a 15 foot balcony straight on to hard wood floor and right on his nose! (I guess kitties heads are disproportioned and kitties have a hard time catching themselves on all 4's from such a high distance). He got completely drugged up and slept all day but now he is feeling tons better and is playing like always.

This is the balcony he fell from.

I love my kitties so much so I have a problem with taking tons of pictures. So here are some:

Sniper and Fat Cat...

Gunner and Fat Cat..

Gunner fell asleep with his leg on my leg and his paws straight out!

Then he rolled over and covered his face. He is so stinkin' cute!

Sniper looking at Milo.. Lindsey's Dog. It was like an animal shelter at our house this past week with 2 kitties, one extremely obese cat and a 2 year old dog who thinks he is still a puppy.

3. Thanksgiving feast was awesome! We had 9 of us there. This is really big for my family of 5! It was Brit (my little sis), Linds and Mike (sis and bro in law), Brandon and I, my Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Moss, and my cousin Jeff Lowry. My Grandma cooked for nearly 24 hours and we feasted for way more than that! We had about 10 pies and we cleared them all between 9 of us! We of course brought food to my Dad while he was in the hospital and he actually ate it!

This is our table. I couldn't fit Grandpa in the picture :(

My Grandma is hilarious and made a joke about the Monster from Monsters Inc being a potato and Mike spit his water out all over the table, food, and my Grandparents! This is the table:

This is Mike and Brit laughing slash crying after the joke.

4. On our drive home we saw another amazing sunset, but this one in Rifle Colorado. It made the drive worth it.


Stephanie said...

thanks for updating - I love all the photos and that sunset is just beautiful! wow :)

Erica said...

Gunner reminds me of Snickers, Steph. A lot! Great pics of you guys with your dad...we missed you at TG but were glad you were both where you needed to be. Love you.