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Jack's 6th Haircut

I put off cutting Jack's hair for a while this time. I really wanted to see how it would look all "grown out."  Well let's just say his hair doesn't like to grow evenly around his head. He started to have a frontal mullet. Sound weird? Yeah well it looked weird.  So I had to cut it again.  This was the hardest cut I have done. He is SOOO active these days that I couldn't get him to sit still.  So needless to say, it wasn't my finest job. But it worked.  Oh and he also doesn't like to pose for pictures, so these are kind of weird pics from my phone.  Enjoy!
6th Haircut at 9 1/2 months old.


Chris Loves Julia said...

You say he doesn't like to pose for pictures, but his expressions are always perfect in his haircut photos! Scared, sad or unenthusiastic in the before and Happy and smiley in the after. He must know how cute he is!

Stephanie Marcum said...

My boys still complain when they have to get a haircut.